Anton and matilda casting the Lovelocked bell 2015
Hasell 'Armageddon Bell' 1993
Hasell 'Nad bell clavier' Docklands exhibition 2006
Hasell 'Temple Bell' made in Mia Mia for client in the USA 2006
Hasell 'Goblet chime' 2003
Hasell 'Wine glass chime' 2003
Hasell 'Beagle budgie' 2010
Hasell 'set of bronze gongs' Braemar College 2016
Hasell 'Marimba' made for Braemar college 2016
Hasell 'Lovelocked Bell' made from locks taken from Melbourne bridge, 2016
Hasell 'resonant frequency of the marimba key' 2017
Hasell 'Man Ray's viola' 2017
Hasell 'blue budgie table bell' 2017
Hasell 'Green budgie table bell' 2017
Sam Hasell working on bell mould E.jpg
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