Submarine 1985 2.3m by 2m by 0.8m, steel & bicycle
'Warplane'  1986 2m by 5m by 4.8m, steel
'Death of Judge Barry'  1989 1.4m by 2m by 0.7m, steel
'Horse'  1989 2.2m by 3m by 0.6m, steel
'Ian Ross'  1990  1.8m by 0.6m by 0.3m, steel
'Fighting Ned Kelly'  1989, 2.3m by 0.6m by 0.6m, steel
'20 Fathom Dive Suit'  1996 2.2m by 0.5m by 0.5m, bronze, cloth & stainless
'60 Fathom Dive Suit'  1996, 1.4m by 2.2m by 0.6m, stainless, bronze & glass
'Kyneton Kopper Ute'  Bute Utes project Melbourne Festival 2005
'Leichhardt's Map Alice Springs' 2010 2m by 0.6m, copper & oil paint
'Leichhardt's map Grampians'  2010 2m by 0.5m, copper & oil paint
'Leichhardt's map TowerHill'  2010 2m by 0.6m, copper & oil paint
'The Maps of Leichhardt' exhibition VAC Bendigo 2010
'Mia Mia sound  painting' 2013 0.7 Diameter, copper & oil paint
'Birds on a dam' 2011 0.5m by 0.4m, Brass & oil paint
'Seabirds on a blue wave'  2011 0.5m by 0.3m, Bronze, copper & patina
'warrnambool sound painting'  2011 0.6m by 0.4m, brass & Patina
'bellboy on harmonic island' 2012 0.35m by 0.4m, bronze, brass, LED lighting & patina
'Distribution of river stones'  2013 0.6m by 0.4m, Bronze, brass & patina
'Dry creek'  2013  0.2 by 0.2, copper & bronze
'Hopkins falls' 2013 0.8m by 0.4m brass & Patina
'Killarney Beach'  2013 0.5m by 0.5m  copper & Patina
'Hopkins outlet' 2013 0.5m by 0.5m  copper & patina
'River stones' 2013 0.2m by 0.2m copper, bronze & patina
'Lady bay'  2013  0.5m by 0.4m  brass & Patina
'Warrnambool'  Stockroom Gallery Kyneton 2013
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